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20th October 2011, 12:22
For those new (and old) members that are wondering what goes on behind the scenes in the back rooms at AmiBay, we thought we would share one tale from our Casebook with you all.

It's not all tea and biscuits on here; the staff on here work hard to ensure that we protect our members and help when things don't go to plan. To give you an idea of what we do, here's a little story we have put together for you to read.

There are several lessons to be learned from this cautionary tale, that started out as much sadness, yet, with luck and good detective work, ended with much Awesomeness and Epic Win for the AmiBay team and the members involved.

The newer members may want to look up >>this<< (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=3182) thread, as it may help you to understand some of the events that unfold on here.

(You see what I did there? it's called foreshadowing, in dramatic circles...)

OK, are we all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin....our tale today is from a book called...... 'The Casebook of Merlock Holmes'.......

(cue epic, dramatic music, such as The Devil's Gallop) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2eqX93umXo

(Cue Richard Burton's voice)

The Loopyloulou Case

Our tale begins in the cold of February 2011 (well, it was really cold in Manchester, anyway) when a new member called andrewrobinson2011 signed up on our site. He came to the site bearing offers of Atari Jaguars and Acorn Risc PCs that were too good to resist.

Unfortunately for the members that were tempted, the goods were never received and andrewrobinson2011 seemed to vanish forever into the mists of the Internet; yet, later this same year, fate was to step in, with surprising results for andrewrobinson2011 and the members who had purchased items from him by Paypal Gift, despite the warnings given out by the good people of the land of AmiBay.... :unsure:

The staff at AmiBay had tried their very best to find the missing andrewrobinson2011, yet he was nowhere to be found in the homeland that he declared as Northampton. At this point, despair began to creep in that the funds paid out by the members was lost forever :-(, then.....

In September 2011, a new member calling herself loopystella2011 signed up, and the Sentinel Guardians at the gates of AmiBay sent out a warning, for this person appeared to be using the same Internet portal as andrewrobinson2011, yet her location was stated as Nottingham; this was most odd, and the staff at AmiBay turned to their most trusted private detective, Merlock Holmes, to investigate and solve the case.

Merlock asked loopystella2011 lots of probing, detective-type questions, and loopystella2011 replied that she didn't know andrewrobinson2011, that her name was Stella Louise Ashby and that she didn't live in (and had never been to) Northampton. The case was getting stranger by the minute and Merlock was determined to crack the case. Then loopystella2011 asked that her name be changed to loopyloulou, and Merlock began to think something was clearly wrong, so he began to watch loopyloulou, much like a child observes an insect under a looking glass.....

Just then, an eagle-eyed member of the land of AmiBay noticed that the pictures from one of loopyloulou's offers (another Atari Jaguar) looked strangely similar to the one offered by andrewrobinson2011. The member told the staff members about it, who in turn informed Merlock Holmes. This was a lucky break in the case, and Merlock knew it...

Merlock asked loopyloulou more questions, and loopyloulou told Merlock that she had owned this machine for many years and was used by her and her brother.

Merlock rubbed his chin, got out his magnifying glass and thought to himself "Surely not?" As any good detective knows, it's not what you know, think or suspect that matters, it's what you can prove that counts. So, Merlock, with the assistance of the AmiBay team, set to work to find out what the truth really was. This case was truly puzzling; it bothered him, and he wanted to solve it. Merlock liked challenging puzzles.

Merlock knew, like so many of the cases he had worked on over the years as a detective, that the answer lay in historical archives, as history cannot be re-written. He spent many long hours, delving and poring deep into Electoral registers, phone records and school records in and around the Nottingham area and eventually, he uncovered that a Stella Louise Ashby Robinson left school in 2000, a date that matched loopyloulou's age. The Paypal records from the members who had paid out money in good faith also showed that a Stella Robinson had received them. Aha! The game was afoot....

Gradually, piece by piece, the convoluted loopyloulou puzzle came together, with hard work and long hours also being put in by the AmiBay team. Eventually, they had an address, a phone number, the people who lived with loopyloulou and lots of other details that all cross-matched, whilst other members studied the photographs closely and forensically, and concluded that they were indeed the same machine, photographed on the same table.

The final part of the puzzle came when another, third AmiBay member bought and actually received the Atari Jaguar :blink:. When this member was asked to compare what he had bought with the original photographs, it was 100% confirmed as the same console. Now Merlock sat back and smiled wryly, knowing full well that we had hard evidence to back our case, as we could prove conclusively that it was the same machine...:thumbsup:

Once the naughty Stella and Andrew Robinson were confronted with what we knew about them, safe in the knowledge that we had a completely watertight case against them, the naughty members admitted their guilt and promised to fully repay the members who had lost their money, even though it had been paid as a Gift and could not be recovered by normal means. Over the coming weeks, the money was repaid to the scammed members and they were very happy. Merlock was happy that a case had been solved, and the staff at AmiBay knew that justice and much Awesomeness and Epic Win had occurred. :smile:

So children, what lessons have we learned from this tale?

The first is not to pay by Paypal Gift unless you really know and trust the person receiving the money;
The second is that the Sentinel Guardians of AmiBay and the staff are by no means stupid and that the Sentinels are rarely wrong;
The third is that if you try anything naughty and scammer-like on AmiBay, wherever you are, rest assured that eventually, Merlock Holmes and his associates will track you down and bring you to justice. You will be hunted like a dog....
The fourth is that wherever you travel on the Internet, you leave a little trail behind you, just like Hansel and Gretel and the trail of breadcrumbs. Some of these trails always lead back to you, no matter how hard you try to erase them.
The final one is that you cannot re-write history, nor can you re-write it with deception and falsehoods. The truth will eventually catch you out.
Finally; never cross hackers in large groups; things will never end well........ :ninja:

I hope that you have enjoyed this story and that one day, we will be able to bring you another case from...... 'The Casebook of Merlock Holmes'.

(cue more epic, dramatic music to fade...)

20th October 2011, 12:42