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20th October 2011, 12:51
Hello ,

i`m looking for an M-Tec 020 for my A500 ,one with no memory would be better.
I dont want to spend much on it , but i will evaluate any offer.

Thank you :)

20th October 2011, 19:19
I have an M-Tec 68020i with 4mb ram.

They either have 1mb or 4mb there is no version that has zero ram onboard.

20th October 2011, 20:41
You are right about the one you have , but there are also the "MTec/Neuroth" designs with either 1/4 MB or no memory.

Like this one... (http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/mtec520)

I want to use my GVP HD8s and the models with memory are not compatible.

Thanks for the offer anyway , i will have it in mind in case i dont find the one i want.

20th October 2011, 20:45
Ahh, forgot to look at the neuroth 020 specs. Always forget they did them aswell.

1st November 2011, 19:39
Bought the card from Gouldin , so this is "FOUND" :)

1st November 2011, 20:04
Also closing the thread since you finished the deal on his thread thanks