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21st October 2011, 22:55

I am looking for an 8372 which is capable of managing 2MB ChipMem for my DKB MegaChip. It's an old version with soldered DIP-RAM on it, and seems to expect an Agnus with 8372-pinout.
So I think I'm after an 8372A 318069-03 or an 8372B. I've also read often about an 8372AB which should do it, but I think that's just a nickname for the 2MB-Versions of the 8372A?

However, I'm hoping the unlikely: That someone has lying around such a nice part and is willing to sell it or an A3000-Board including it to me. Offers are welcome.

Thanks all, also for the expected Agnus-discussion! :D

21st October 2011, 23:10

The Agnus you seek, is usually found in the Amiga A3000, with some luck you may find a dead board that could act as a donor =)

Good luck on your quest.

22nd October 2011, 10:19

yes, I knew that, but thanks for the hint.
I'm just hoping to get a fitting Agnus without making an A3000-board unrepairable.

30th November 2011, 15:04
Since noone seems to have just an 8372B, I've edited my request like Zetr0 suggested.
Might be a sad thing for an A3000-Board, but I want 2MB Chip in my A2000!

30th November 2011, 16:54
Why don't you look for Mini Megi Chip instead?
And no A3000 board will be scrapped. ;-)

30th November 2011, 18:56
8372B is only NTSC according to the BBOAH.
I also have a NTSC DKB Megachip with a socketed NTSC Agnus and i have never been able to find a PAL Agnus that works with it (either does't not boot or give graphic glitches).
I have a PAL MiniMegiChip with a soldered PAL Agnus: the Agnus is recognized but the additional 1MB is not recognized: probably bad solderings somewhere although resoldered by Cosmos twice for me.

30th November 2011, 22:29
You know something, I actually found an 8372A yesterday but it says 318069-02. Is that of any use ?
Bad thing is, I dont know if its good or bad.

It does come with some copied german instructions on how to install it and also something about how to convert it from NTSC to PAL or visa versa (my german is rusty).

1st December 2011, 05:08
Check on the table of this page. (http://bboah.amiga-resistance.info/cgi-bin/showhardware_en.cgi?HARDID=1448)

The Agnus 8372B IS PAL/NTSC AGNOSTIC! Just put pin #41 to ground and it behaves as a PAL unit, Vcc the same pin (through a 4k7 to 10k resistor) and it will magically behave as a NTSC unit.

1st December 2011, 09:15
I think I need an 8372 with part number 318069-03 like the one on this A3000-Board: "http://amiga.resource.cx/photos/gallery/a3000rev63.jpg".
Being still unsure about A, B or AB, I would take at least any Agnus with partnumber 318069-03.

SunDown79: The Agnus 318069-02 would fit, but can handle 1MB only. And since that type is what I want to replace, your Agnus is useless to me -- sorry.

stachu100: I want to use the old MegaChip I have in my A2000 on an Mainboard revision 4.3. And it shouldn't just technically fit there! ;)

9th February 2012, 22:32
I've got one 8372B (318069-03) out of the evil bay that works perfectly.

Thread can be closed, thanks to all for looking.

9th February 2012, 22:36
Awesome, glad you found one!