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24th October 2011, 15:06
hi folks

does any one have a couple of the female 23pin dsub plugs and housings

or anyone know where to get them cheap

preferably in the uk

its for adapting the vga adapters for the amiga


thanks john

24th October 2011, 15:28
Amigamaniac has them:


Not sure if he will allow a bulk-buy discount?

Unfortunately for "speed", he is in the land of Oz...

I'd certainly be interested in getting one of these leads when made up.

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Also, a quick google:




These do offer a 15% discount for 10+, so perhaps a bulk/group purchase would be a good idea?

Again though, these people are overseas, in Canada this time.

24th October 2011, 15:29
thanks mate

i have just emailed these to see how much and if they have any stock



24th October 2011, 15:36
I've just emailed bitsbox.co.uk (http://www.bitsbox.co.uk) to see if they can get them. I need to order a few bits from them anyway.

25th October 2011, 09:48
Unfortunately, bitsbox drew a blank on this one :(

None of their suppliers stock these.


25th October 2011, 10:06
no worries mate thanks for trying

25th October 2011, 11:00
Sorry had a look and only got male ones :(

I do have housings though so let me know if you need any of them and I'll chuck them in the post.

25th October 2011, 11:03
thanks mate i will have a few housings,pm sent

25th October 2011, 11:17
Don't give up so easily. Get a 25 way one if you can. Hacksaw off 24/25 keeping the same angle & you get an instant 23 way. A small file, or even a nail file will remove any sharp edges left. :thumbsup:

25th October 2011, 11:25
Don't know how cheap the shipping would be but http://www.connectworld.net/cgi-bin/standard/DB23FS.html

Found in this post in AmiOracle (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=19950) so robinsonb5 may be able to tell you if he purchased anything from them.

25th October 2011, 11:28
thanks i was just looking at his thread and will pm him to see if he orderd any

thanks d.b i will look at your option if no luck

25th October 2011, 15:13
payment sent for 10 housings for now thanks gary

25th October 2011, 18:56
Found in this post in AmiOracle (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=19950) so robinsonb5 may be able to tell you if he purchased anything from them.

I tried to - unfortunately, they emailed to say they've been discontinued. :(

28th October 2011, 22:09
thanks gary received housings today,leaving feedback now

sockets still wanted

30th October 2011, 20:32
have been offerd 6 from tomthul and payment sent thanks mate that will do for now

15th November 2011, 20:31
i have recived my 6 sockets from tomthul today so will leave feedback now and close thread

12th March 2012, 20:04
hi all

anyone else have any sockets i need a few more

8th July 2012, 03:33
I need one of these too ,i got mine from a disk drive external and I have to stick the wires in it at the moment and when I bang the Amiga the pic goes funny..??

8th July 2012, 16:01
I had a idea..you could use a amiga 520 modulator,what you do is cut from the board so you still have the pins on the board so you can solder the wires too..;)

or use a old disk drive it has the feman port on the back of it do the same cut it out of the board so you have a place to solder the wires too

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Im going to take mine from the A500 board,the disk drive port is the same so you can use but cut around it leaving abit of the board so you can solder the wires to it,if you don't you will have problems like i did the first time i did it,I didn't leave a bit of the board and the wires keep coming off.

30th July 2012, 20:04
Johnim: Are you still able to make cables for the GBS 8220 to connect to the Amiga ? Sent you a PM, thanks !