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20th April 2009, 22:39
Hi All, i have for sale a Goliath PSU (basically a PC PSU with a square amiga plug).
I have had interest from someone in America but they would like to know if it would be compatible with there 110/120v before commiting.
My question is:
Is there any way to know if it will be compatible as the PSU has 230v on it and i don't see any switch to change it 110v like on most modern PSU's.
Does this mean it won't be compatible without some sort of modification or will it just not be compatible at all or will it work fine?

Thanks guys


20th April 2009, 22:56
i don't think it's any good for our american chummies without a mod of some sort m8

http://bboah.amiga-resistance.info/cgi- ... HARDID=743 (http://bboah.amiga-resistance.info/cgi-bin/showhardware_en.cgi?HARDID=743)

i'm pretty sure it's a Europe only thing


20th April 2009, 22:59
Hey Juv, i figured it probably would be Europe only but thought i'd check first to make sure.

Thanks mate


21st April 2009, 00:05
I Had a good look at the piccy and it is 230V only mate.

Our American cousins could remove the actual PSU (std ATX) and replace it with a US 110V version, The housing & cabling would still be good.

TC :mrgreen:

21st April 2009, 12:55
I just looked at my Goliath PSU and can confirm it is only 230V UK/EU spec.

But as suggested, a replacement PC PSU could be used for US users.

21st April 2009, 13:18
As it's most probably just a bog standard PC PCU in a custom case, you could open it and see if it has a switch between 230V and 110V as most PS PSUs have.

22nd April 2009, 16:28
No mine doesn't have one. Normally they are located under the power socket and mine doesn't have it. And that was quite common with the type used that have the pass through for a monitor cable to be plugged in.

The only other question for a replacement is which type of PC standard is the PSU. AT, ATX etc... although that might not matter as they can all be modified to work in different setups. How the Goliath power switch is wired up is the only thing to really look at.

22nd April 2009, 20:52
Thanks for checking Scrappy... You are a gentlemen and a scholar... Or something like that...