View Full Version : Closed Indivision AGA 4000

27th October 2011, 18:12

I'm looking for an Indi AGA 4000 for my latest project, if anyone can help please let me know.

I have bits and bobs up for trade or cash waiting for the right deal.


El Stevo :ninja:


If you are offering an Indivision for SWAP I have a Viper 630 (40mhz 030) Accelerator for A600 with 4mb Fast that I would offer as a straight swap.

I have lots of other bits and bobs so if you have something for me and a wishlist of your own let me know :thumbsup:

Also I'd consider a Video slot scan doubler if it also acts as a flicker fixer (not interested in the DCE Scan/Flicker Magic)


1st November 2011, 18:17
No longer looking for an RTG solution as I just got a Mediator Di :D

But still keeping my eyes open for an Indivision AGA 4000 pref swap for something from Fitzies goodie cupboard :thumbsup:

29th December 2011, 20:19
No longer needed :cool: