View Full Version : Closed An Amiga 2000 or 4000 Keyboard

28th October 2011, 16:12
Good day everyone. A friend of mine recently got his hands on a Video Toaster A2000 fully kitted. The only thing missing from the set up is the Keyboard, because the original had failed a long time ago. He asked me to post here to find one. He didn't give me a lot of details, so I'm going to guess he would prefer either a US or UK layout since those two are very similar. He also didn't give me a budget range that he is looking in, but I am positive that he has one.

If anyone has either an A4000 or A2000 keyboard they are willing to part with, please send me a PM, and I will get the information forwarded to my friend to have him peruse. Thank you for the assistance.



28th October 2011, 16:47
PM sent, I have about 5- or 6 A2000 keyboards listed on my online store in good shape for $65 USD including shipping to US and Canada.
All US layout.
Very little to no yellowing, but they have not been pulled all apart and cleaned (just no time)

28th October 2011, 16:52
That sounds really good, Quarkx. He is interested. I have responded to your PM.