View Full Version : Found 2x A500/A2000 floppy drives

30th October 2011, 16:09
My A2000 drives are buggered..

I've pinched one from my A500 and the 2000 can now read floppies again.

The old ones were packed full of dust and no amount of cleaning will bring them back to life...

Anyway i need 2x A500 / A2000 floppy drives (same drives)

FB-354 CHINON (full height) A500 type.

no rush but if anyone has a couple or one?

thank you.

30th October 2011, 16:54
I have a spare from my A500+ you can have. Tested it last week on an A600 with R-Type. Worked fine and sounded healthy.

7 including postage mate :)

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30th October 2011, 16:57
your a star my friend, that will do nicely :-)

3rd November 2011, 19:53
Are you still looking for another one ?
I just got an beaten up A500 in with that drive but I still need to test it.

4th November 2011, 00:11
Erm to be honest I think I'm okay for floppy drives , this thread can be closed unless some one desperately wants to had me a drive :-)

16th November 2011, 10:44
Found & feedback left thank you :-)