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25th April 2009, 19:20
I have a few issues of Just Amiga Monthly which I'm looking to sell. They are issues:

- 31
- 42 (March 94)
- 43 (April 94)
- 44 (May 94)
- 52 (Feb 95)
- 53 (March 95)
- 54 (April 95)
- 55 (June 95)
- 56 (August 95)
- 57 (Nov 95)
- 58 (Dec 95)

Also Amiga Em magazine issue 9

All are in perfect condition - 75p each (plus p&p)

18th May 2009, 14:22
I'm interested in these.
I already have a few J.A.M magazines, so I'll need to check which ones I already have.
The ones I don't have (as long as they're in the list above) I'm happy to purchase off you.

18th May 2009, 14:42
OK no probs, just let me know which, if any you'd like.

19th May 2009, 01:48
Any that woodycool does not want, that I already don't have, I'd also be interested in. I'll check my mags, and wait to see if there are any mags left that I'd be interested in.


31st October 2009, 20:32
probably not the place to ask but any one know off any pdfs of these magazines on the net ?

1st November 2009, 01:34
I think you are slightly more likely to find these magazines online than the Em magazines, but in reality not that likely, well not at present anyway. Though they really should be added to the Amiga Magazine Rack in the future, but I only have a partial collection of them anyway, but I would certainly contribute the ones I have pending any copyright issues there might be.


21st December 2011, 16:06
I am still after reading some JAMs
so any one going scan an issue or too plz

23rd December 2011, 13:53
I am still after reading some JAMs

I googled around but there don't seem to be any issues online, prehaps i haven't looked hard enough. But here's a person doing just what you're after:

Sorry for the hijack Linzi, just trying to cheer things up on the holiday spirit.. :)

23rd December 2011, 18:07
I`ve done the same but apart from the odd front cover there's no to be had

perhaps we could get woody to scan a few