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2nd November 2011, 07:45
I am In need of the following parts...

Not urgent but nice to have..


Esc plastic key - mine broke
2x springs inside the key switch mechanism
Any or all A1000 plastics

Mine have broken clips and looks worn


Unlikely I know ...

2nd November 2011, 08:49
Esc plastic key - mine broke
2x springs inside the key switch mechanism

You just want the keycap right?


I can also desolder two of my working keyswitches from my spare keyboard and send them to you.

Any or all A1000 plastics

I, too, am in the market for these :(

If you manage to find an untapped source of them do let me know :)

2nd November 2011, 09:46
Good luck with your search for the A1000 plastics Mike :) I had an ad up for ages with no response so I eventually bought an NTSC A1000 and am going to swap the plastics over with my PAL A1000.

D0pefish returned my refurbished A1000 today, so Chiark will be getting his plastics soon and Ill be the proud owner of an original Amiga!! :D

2nd November 2011, 10:19
Hi guys , I don't expect to find the plastics to be honest but I may have to buy a nice condition A1000 at some point but I'm in no hurry really.

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Pm sent in regard to key keys :-)

17th November 2011, 16:40
Keys arrived from sunny Australia :-)

a big thank you to mr DonutKing

feedback on the way for this most excellent gentleman ,