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26th April 2009, 14:28
I have a an A1200 with Blizzard 1230mk1 (030) with a HD and a Scandoubler i noticed
when i plug in the Expansion the screen seems to flicker a bit more maybe cause of the increased power load?

Is the Light type Brick psu not strong enough for all the Addon's ? I have been using said Amiga for a few years and it's
always been fine!

26th April 2009, 14:38

Hello my friend, good to hear you, :D

When you say Light brick do you mean A1200/600 type or A500 type.

If it's an A500 type have a look underneath & check the rating for the +5V if it's 4.5A then it should be fine provided you don't have extra floppy drives..etc

It could be the PSU is showing it's age & starting to ripple badly, esp if the effect gets worse when inserting the 030 expansion.


Do you notice the effect mainly during HD or Floppy access. If so there is a well known mod regarding a 1 Microfarad cap being soldered onto the main board which alleviates this very common issue, It is very well documented over at EAB

http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=4 ... 00+Flicker (http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=42611&highlight=A1200+Flicker)

If the mod looks too involved for you, Feel free to send me your Mobo & I'll carry it out for you.

So check your Mobo revision & if possible try another A500 PSU first (+5v , 4.5Amp)

Let me know if I can help

TC :thumbsup:

26th April 2009, 20:22
Another good advice is replace the original with an ATX power supply. Ian Stedman's page show how to do, and he sells ATX-to-Amiga converters.

MY personal advice? Locate an old Compaq Presario 135W ATX PSU. It is incredible small and silent and easy to hack into an A500 brick.

Goodbye underpowered brick. :mrgreen:

27th April 2009, 00:22
Thanks for the advice guys! It says output 5v.

the only reason i posted about this was because i am putting all this gear up for sale soon when i decide on a price.

I just didn't want it being a problem for a new owner.

I did once have a goliath psu but i gave it to someone on E.A.B as i wasn't using it.

the A1200 also has a scandoubler, and 2 external drives but they wherent plugged in at the time.

27th April 2009, 10:28

What is the PSU's current capacity supplied by the +5V my friend ?, this is the most important factor. :wink:

Underneath the powerbrick alongside the Voltages a current rating should also be displayed for example,

+5V - 4.5A (but you may have 3.0A if it is an A1200/A600 PSU)

This will identify If the PSU is up to the job and ensure troublefree operation when you pass the system on.

TC 8)