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4th November 2011, 00:10
I'm looking for some parts for my A1000 Phoenix project.

Super Fat Agnus 2MB PLCC:
8372B OR 8372AB ( part number 318069-03, later part numbers won't work)

PGA FPU (68881 or 68882 any speed)

1Mbx4 DRAM DIP20 chips

50 pin SCSI drive + cable

I'll consider any solution for this, whether some SCSI card reader or a SCSI-IDE adapter so I can use an IDE drive or card reader on it. I want something that will boot workbench though, not just for removable storage. Also need a 50 pin cable. FOUND offsite
Will still consider a SCSI-1 -> IDE adapter like the Yamaha V769970
various IC's:

74HC688 x 2
74HC573 x 1

MC74HC00 x 1

NCR 53C80-40 PLCC x 1
Amiga 1000 front or rear plastics
particularly from chipram expansion cover

4th November 2011, 00:27
PM sent.

4th November 2011, 01:48
PM replied regarding DIP RAM...

4th November 2011, 08:28
payment sent for DIP RAM :)

4th November 2011, 14:15
Payment received. Thanks!
The parcel is under construction.
I will arrange the shipment asap.

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Hello DonutKing,

Please can u give us more details?

74HC688 => DIP package?
74HC573 => SMD / DIP or SOP package?
NCR 53C80-40 => I suppose it's a 40pins DIP package?
MC74HC00 => SMD / DIP or SOP package?

Thanks. :thumbsup:

6th November 2011, 19:12

The NCR 53C80-40 is PLCC while the rest are all DIP


8th November 2011, 17:06
The parcel was sent 2 days ago.
Soon, I'll send you a PM with some pics about the parcel sent.
I'm looking for informations about others chips.

9th November 2011, 01:51
payment sent to ads1500 for 2MB Agnus.

awaiting further info from LTAC regarding misc IC's :)

19th November 2011, 19:22
If you are still in need of Yamaha V769970, i can sell it for a 5 eur less than i bought it for, 35 eur, since i'm not really using it.
Was NOS but opened and used a bit.

19th November 2011, 21:45
Yes definitely interested, sending PM :)

25th November 2011, 21:03
I've recieved the Agnus 8375 and unfortunately the phoenix board doesn't boot with it installed.

From my research it turns out that I need a later version of the U60 PAL chip to be able to use the 8735- unfortunately it looks like this was never actually made :/ Version E is the latest thats available and it doesn't support the 8375. It doesn't work with the 2MB Chipram mod without the U60 PAL either.

So I'm looking for an 8372AB or 8372B - these appear super rare so I'm not holding my breath :p

26th November 2011, 03:33
The 8372B is not rare at all, it is the A3000 version and, since lots of those got killed from leaking batteries you'll find they very often.

You may not like the price, as they are more expensive than regular 1MB Agnus.

8th December 2011, 07:18
I am now looking for an NCR 53C80-40 chip in PLCC package.
I have an AMD 53C80 and it doesn't work. I believe I require the NCR chip.

I am also looking for a cheap FPU in PGA package, any speed.

13th December 2011, 06:14
I have found the SCSI chip I'm looking for, but I have discovered that amigakit sells right-angle zorro card adapters. I believe that if I get a small enough card it will fit in the case :)

So to that end, I am now looking for a half-length or smaller Zorro 2 RAM card.

Still looking for 8372B 2MB Agnus and PGA FPU....

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13th December 2011, 08:27
Is it possible to edit thread titles here? I can't seem to find a way to do it...

I believe there is an advanced edit option on post one that will let you do that.

Failing that put in here what you want and one of the Mods will change it for you.

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