View Full Version : Closed C64 and other bits for it

5th November 2011, 02:15
I am currently looking for a Commodore 64 with tape deck, power supply and a joystick.

I don’t need games as I have a cassette adaptor which I will use my pc to feed it the info.

Now as I don’t have the funds just yet thanks to xmas coming and the cooker not working too well I do have an Atari 520STFM with joystick, power cable, scart cable and at least around 50 disks with all kinds of games and such on them.

As I don’t use this much but it is in full working condition I was thinking about using it to trade for the C64 if anyone wanted one.

If you are interested please let me know and I can pack the Atari ST up in its own box (yeah I got that but no polys). It will be packed very well to ensure it gets to you in one piece.

Of course this will get posted and I do have the funds for the postage so no worries there