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8th November 2011, 21:37
Hi everyone, i'm looking for a ZX Spectrum +2 9V DC power pack, i believe it is grey in colour (hence it matches the computer) please can someone give me a price for one in fully working condition from within the UK only please, regards DJ

8th November 2011, 21:46

Hello there, Welcome to AmiBay =)

I would humbly suggest an alternative 9VDC Power Supply of 2 amps. you can get these quite inexpensively from ebay (click here (http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?rt=nc&LH_BIN=1&_nkw=9v+psu&_trksid=p3286.c0.m301) for a buy it now list eBay.co.uk BIN). These Plug Packs will provide better power for you Spectrum and will most likely last much longer than the original plug-pack.

However -

Important Bit : READ CAREFULLY

You will need to gently modify the Plug pack, as the Spectrum uses a negative internal poll and a positive external poll

http://s6.postimage.org/tjdgh3prl/Spectrum_Power_Coupler.jpg (http://www.postimage.org/)

This pinout is the same for the 48k,48k+, Spectrum 128K (Toast Rack) and the Spectrum 128k +2 (Grey)

To modify the plug pack one can simpley cut the wires and swap them over - or open the plug-pack and switch the wires around... obviously I would suggest heat shrink tubing to do a proper job as well as a multimeter to check your work.

8th November 2011, 21:59
Or just buy one of the ones with the reversable polarity which involves finding the correctly fitting plug, and connecting it to the PSU in the correct polarity on the 9v setting. Like I did.
Or you could do what you said with soldering and whatnot, you know, whatever. :p

9th November 2011, 00:18
are also ones with a little switch on the transformer that switches the polarity :D

i have had lots of those but they keep dying :thumbsdown:

9th November 2011, 01:25
Thankyou, Zetr0, r0jaws and ShambleS1980 for the help and advice, i'm not very technically minded when it comes to amp volts watts etc, although i do have lots of common sense and believe that might help me through!!!

@Zetr0: I followed your link to ebay, where i have found various power adaptors, all with different jacks, all advertising different voltage and amps, please could you advise me on the exact power adaptor that i need for the Spectrum +2 (i saw on ebay a 9v power adaptor which was 2100ma would that me correct?) . i'm happy to cut the wire and swap over, but im not sure on what to do inside the plug pack, although it sound like i just do the same.

Kind regards


9th November 2011, 01:48
As long as the amperage made available by the psu is higher than that of your device, and the voltage is the same you will be fine.
The one that you saw with 9v and 2100ma will do the job as long as you can switch around the jack to have a -ve central polarity.
If you have a multimeter you can test that before plugging her in.
Be careful, connecting up a PSU with the wrong polarity will likely damage your system. Most adapters are quite clear on their orientation though.