View Full Version : Wanted New or Very clean Amiga4000 keyboard

15th November 2011, 22:12
I'm looking for a new or clean US A4000T keyboard for my Escom A4000T. I can also accept the case of the keyboard without the keys themselves.

Escom one is preferred but I also accept the Commodore one.

29th November 2011, 23:29

Doesn't anyone have a spare?

30th November 2011, 20:36
The 4000T uses the larger DIN connector, right?

30th November 2011, 20:39
The 4000T uses the larger DIN connector, right?

Correct but you can use a converter and normal A4kD Keyboard. You can also use an A2000 Keyboard with the A4kT.


30th November 2011, 20:41

30th November 2011, 20:48
The 4000T uses the larger DIN connector, right?

Yes the Amiga4000T uses a different connector. I also had another keyboard and used a convertor to use it with my A4000T.
The important thing is that it should be US, and it should not have any replaced keys (making them different shape or colour).

26th June 2014, 22:10
bump and name your price don't be afraid ;) The only missing parts now are a proper keyboard and the Toccata that was lost. So I'm willing to buy one.

28th August 2014, 14:22
Can a moderator change the title to "New or Clean Escom Amiga4000T Keyboard or Keyboard case" please?

Also can I offer a price I'm willing to pay?