View Full Version : Closed Floppy mount kit and covers for A4000T

16th November 2011, 18:20
Good evening.

I'm looking for a floppy mount kit to mount my 3.5" floppy drive into a 5.25" bezel and some 5.25" covers for my A4000T.

Also I'm after for some (2-3 possibly) covers. I tried with some covers I have here from normal towers, but they seem not to fit exactly (some where smaller, others were bigger), so if you have any that fits exactly (I can measure mine) in a A4000T, please tell me.

I prefer black ones, but beige ones will do.

Also, are there are any mount kits for hard disk drives too? I'm currently looking for just one if they exist.

16th November 2011, 19:29
The floppy/zip/etc mounting kits may be locally available downtown mate, I've bought a couple in the past.
Same goes for hard drive mount kits (3.5" to 5.25") - or you can buy some hard disk cooler, which does the same job plus having (space for) a fan to cool the disk, those are like EUR 5 from e-shop.

16th November 2011, 20:55
Hm... Are you sure that I'll find those downtown? :lol:

29th November 2011, 17:29
Please close this thread as I've decided to try my luck on the other bay.