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5th May 2009, 18:48
Where I work, we have been upgrading a chemical scrubber unit that treats the plant's toxic gases and removes them from the airstream before the air vents from a stack. This unit was designed to replace a gas-fired oxidiser unit and was designed by us and was built off-site in parts and final assembly took plane on-site.

This was the unit before we started the upgrade on the 2nd of April:-

The back yard was like an episode of Thunderbirds, with big cranes, cherry pickers and loads of people milling all over the kit. Cool!!

This is the unit as it was nearly completed:-

Now, looking at the project, I can't help but think there's something missing, like maybe a North Korean flag or maybe NASA painted on the side......??

"Houston, five minutes to liftoff...."

5th May 2009, 18:53
Looks like a scene from Duke Nukem, or even the backdrop to your avatar :mrgreen:

Kin Hell
5th May 2009, 19:09
Crikey Merlin! :shock: You were right!

NASA, eat ur Heart out! :lol:


6th May 2009, 20:13
[center:aqiqpfm6]Stand By for Action!!!


6th May 2009, 20:23
That programme may have influenced the design just a little bit..... :woot: :whistle:

By the way, "Stand by for action!" was the introduction to Stingray....

Thunderbirds was the traditional "5...4...3...2...1... Thunderbirds are Go!!"

I know, ya know...... :nod:

Did anyone notice the name on the blue van? FAB-Weld!!


6th May 2009, 22:46
Now that imnogeek mentioned Duke Nukem I can't get it out of my head, but maybe looks a bit like Half-Like too ;)
Never was a Thunderbirds fan, actually I don't remember seeing any full episode, I was from the SWAT KATS: The Radical Squadron (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWAT_Kats) era :mrgreen:

7th May 2009, 00:41
[center]Stand By for Action!!!

That image bring tears to my eyes. I use to see the series when I was a kid.