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5th May 2009, 20:53
I would like to announce my newest family members :D

please meet Bert & Ernie, 2 Dumbo Eared Rats at just 8 weeks old :thumbsup2:

Kin Hell
5th May 2009, 21:41
Eeek! - Vermin in ur front room! :stick:


5th May 2009, 21:42
rofl@vermin, oi!! that's my babies your talking about :boxer:

Kin Hell
5th May 2009, 21:46
But they are Vermin m8! :nod:

Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermin)


5th May 2009, 21:53

Introduced species can develop into vermin in the regions where they were introduced if they find favourable living conditions, and if they face few or no natural enemies there. In such cases, humans often choose to fill the role of the predator to limit the danger to the environment. A prime example of vermin is goats on the Galápagos Islands. Rats, mice, and cockroaches are common urban and suburban vermin. Cats, introduced to countries such as Australia have killed more indigenous wildlife than any other introduced animal, to the extent that they have been implicated in the extinction of many small mammals and amphibians.

you sure m8? :wink:

on a serious note did you know they are as intelligent as a small dog? and scientists have just prooved that rats laugh! how cool is that!! :woot:

Kin Hell
5th May 2009, 21:58
I hear ya Juv, but vermin usually are associated with Disease & Rats did the Bubonic thing with aplomb many years ago!

An old friend of mine had a White one called "April" & he was devastated when she died. They just chew through anything in their way & he had to glass tank her, cos she kept breaking out of her cage & chewing everything around the front room! :nuts:

From the documentaries I have seen about rats, they are probably more inteligent than dogs tbh, but at least dogs know not to chew the cr4p outta ur funrniture when you tap their noses & say "No!"


5th May 2009, 22:00
lol ahhh but they only carried the plague because we threw our number ones and twos into the street along side our rotting food, so with this in mind who's the real vermin :wink:

Kin Hell
5th May 2009, 22:06
Could be right about #1 & #2 in the streets of London moons ago, but Bubonic is actually casued by flea bites which can fux0r ur Lymphatic System & rats carry fleas cos fleas love rats! Fleas have to be infected with Yersinia pestis according to the Wiki :wink:


5th May 2009, 22:09
lol so the fleas are the real villians?


Kin Hell
5th May 2009, 22:14
maybe even Vermin! :whistle:

& don't quote me, they're not included on the Wiki! :laugh:

All the same m8y, I hope your new family members give you some entertainment!

Might save you a pile on Waxing strips & Razors if nothing else! :ROTFLOL2:


5th May 2009, 23:00
on a serious note did you know they are as intelligent as a small dog?


Do you remember that poll you ran regarding Cat's or Dog's being better.... :nod:

I prove my point :laugh:

I hear little meece's like chewing nuts !!!! :woot:

TC :pint:

Kin Hell
5th May 2009, 23:06
@ TC

The only Mickeys in my pad are sat on Mats & plugged into Comps.

....Tubing not included! :blink:


6th May 2009, 00:06
Very cute, I see what you mean now. But weren't Bert & Ernie very good 'friends'? :D

6th May 2009, 09:12
:ROTFLOL2: are you suggesting my rats may be up for a bit of man on man action?


6th May 2009, 15:20

They are adorable! I've actually thought about getting a rat myself. I would like to have a small caged critter.
Good luck with them!


6th May 2009, 15:25
awww thanks Heather, at least someone here has taste :wink:
seriously though they are really cool, friendly, funny pets, you go girlfriend :D


6th May 2009, 15:31
I have taste too :)
I reckon 2 minutes each side with a little stilton sauce would be wonderful :whistle: :mrgreen:

Kin Hell
6th May 2009, 17:01
LOL SdG! - Your Cats would think they were at the Local Diner 24/7! :drool:

@ ing

I am shocked you could even consider eating Vermin! What a complete waste of a damned fine piece of cheese! :blink:


6th May 2009, 17:10

I have a big fish tank that I thought the cats would go crazy over but they pretty much ignore it. A rat in a cage might just be a different story though! I'll be sure to keep it on a high shelf!
I'm not much on Rat Kabobs myself. Too chewy... :twisted:


Kin Hell
6th May 2009, 17:19
Too "ratty" for me too! :thumbsup:

Glass tanks are probably a bit of a hot house event for rats & probably a bit near the bone for Animal or "Rat" Rights for that matter! I wouldn't want to be a Rat in a greenhouse all day, that's for sure! :thumbsdown:


6th May 2009, 17:24
the wife's cats are both scared of the rats since Ernie bit the whiskers off one of them :boxer:

they pretty much just ignore each other now 8)

Kin Hell
6th May 2009, 17:25
It's a brave cat that can face a rat Juv. They have to be totally stupid or just have big balls! :lol:


19th May 2009, 09:59
Some interesting vermin related events happened to me last weekend. I knew we had some mice in the shed as I had seen one of the deck chair seat covers had been chewed. However the shed was a complete mess since last summer when we got married because our relatives had just thrown the gazebos, tables and chairs in there, and then stacked everything else on top, so we could hardly even get in the door.

Anyway... I decided I would finally pull everything out of the shed and tidy it up. This ended up taking me a whole day! As I started to remove things I discovered the mess the mice had really made. The first thing I discovered was that they had completely gutted the stuffing from all of the garden sun lounger seat covers and made a huge nest from it in one corner, filled all the welly boots with more and stuffed all the draws in the chest of draws we have out there to keep tools in.

So I removed everything from the shed.

I had also left a pasting table in there and noticed some of the seat cover stuffing was coming from the sides of that too. On carefully opening it up I was greeted by 3 pairs of eyes starring back at me! :lol: So I quickly shut it up and put it on the lawn. I then attempted to get the lazy cat interested in a very easy dinner, but he was useless and didn't want to know.

On clearing the large nest in the corner another mouse jumped out of the way and shot to the other corner, so I rushed in the house, grabbed the cat from his sleep and carried him into the shed and tried to encourage him to find the mouse, which he didn't, and was more interested in curling up in the corner where I had deposited him and continuing his sleep! Lazy bugger!

I finally finished clearing the mess they had made out of the shed and put all the damaged stuff in bags ready to take to the tip. They had even eaten through a tube of sealant and eaten some of it's contents. Mad! But at least the shed is now tidy and easy to get to everything.

However that isn't where it ends...

Wife goes to bed a couple of days later. The bed side light bulb blew when she turned it on that night, so no easy to get to light source. Cat comes in to the bedroom purring away really happy, so she tapped the bed to get him to jump up. WITH MOUSE IN MOUTH (unknown to her!). He dropped the mouse on the bed and it was perfectly unharmed so it starts to run around. She jumps out of bed and turning the main light on. And then the mouse begins a game of running between each corner of the room with the cat chasing it and my wife standing not quite knowing what to do as it keeps running over her bare feet! :lol:

Eventually the mouse went into the en-suite so she shut the door and trapped it. Then went online to see if there were any easy ways to trap a mouse. And the solution that worked was quite ingenious.

She took a kitchen roll tube and put some peanut butter into one end of it. The got the bathroom pedal bin and made a cardboard ramp going up the side, with the tube resting at the top balancing halfway into the bin. The mouse ran up and went into the tube to get the peanut butter, and the tube dropped into the bin! And it worked! How cool is that?

Oh, I forgot about the mouse in the pasting table. I carried that out to the front of the house and went over the road to a grass verge that has trees and shrubs. The cat followed me over and was sitting next to me as I opened the table up. The three mice shot out and ran in all different directions, followed by the cat not knowing which direction to run. I think it was one of these mice he brought back 2 days later. :)

I think I will be installing a mouse trap in the shed.

Kin Hell
19th May 2009, 12:29
I didn't think it would be long before carboard tubes got involved with rodents & must say I am very suprised at the one who brings these matters together! :shock: :lol:


25th June 2009, 04:30
not a real fan of rodents, but I got a Rottweiler mix today.

Kin Hell
25th June 2009, 18:55
@ Dreamcast270mhz

Mixed with....?


25th June 2009, 20:28
dunno, got her from an animal shelter

25th June 2009, 21:30
and theres me waiting for the "... with dry gin and cranberry.." reply....

25th June 2009, 21:48
Congrats on becoming a father there JuvUK ;)

I was thinking about getting those creates, what you gals and guys think?


They're big enough so my cats can't eat'em, yay! ;)

26th June 2009, 18:09
They're big enough so my cats can't eat'em, yay! ;)
Well, at least not all at once! :wink:


Kin Hell
26th June 2009, 19:14
They're big enough so my cats can't eat'em, yay! ;)

With a capybara weighing in at 100 pounds, my money is on your cats getting totally FuX0rD! :jester:


26th June 2009, 21:07
@SdG: yeah, maybe even a week ;)
@Kin: you ain't seen my cat Rudolph, she's almost like Dolph (Lundgren) ;)

---=== EDITED ===---
Ever seen Maru The Box cat (http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/multimedia/2009/06/pl_playlist?slide=9&slideView=3)?
Well, add Bruce Lee's flying claws style and you've got an image of Rudolph. :)