View Full Version : Found cheap as chips megadrive games

21st November 2011, 00:04
please, now that ive just bought a megadrive, i need to buy more games...got any?

21st November 2011, 00:17
I might be able to help you out there. I got myself an Everdrive a while back, and so the vast majority of my games I don't need anymore. What are you after?

21st November 2011, 00:23
ooooh whats an everdrive?

21st November 2011, 00:33
One of THESE (http://krikzz.com/everdrive-md.html). Zetr0 organised a group buy earlier in the year and got us a nice discount.
They allow you to play Mega drive and Master system games in your MD, and if you have a 32x it'll play those too.

I've also got one for my SNES and N64.

21st November 2011, 11:48
Eepp,not cheap!
I'm looking for unboxed games, thunder force games and any arcade conversions

21st November 2011, 12:38
Ok, I'll knock up a list of what I have and PM it to you.

21st November 2011, 14:23

22nd November 2011, 20:02
Deal struck with Subzero.
These games in exchange for one of his custom made Bubble Bobble Mini Cabs.

Boxed with manual:
Beavis and Butthead
PGA Tour Golf II
Taz in Escape from Mars
Micro Machines
PGA Tour 96
Streets of Rage
World of Illusion starring MM and DD

Boxed no manual:
Mortal Kombat
Chuck Rock II
Golden Axe II
Super Hang On

Unboxed, but has Cover, Manual & Cart:
The Revenge of Shinobi
Chuck Rock

Unboxed, Cart only:
The Terminator
T2 The Arcade Game
Road Rash.


26th November 2011, 10:36
Cleaned, tested, boxed up and sent this morning. :)

26th November 2011, 20:59
excellent, will get balsa wood as soon as i can and get making you a bubble bobble!!

29th November 2011, 00:08
commenced this evening on the making of bubble bobble!

plus im still looking for MORE games!!!

1st December 2011, 20:59
Games arrived, model is at about 40% complete.