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22nd November 2011, 12:01
Hi all,

In order to get WHDLoad working on my nephew's new A600, it's going to need extra RAM. Please feel free to offer other items which will accomplish the same goal, such as processor/RAM upgrades.

I do have a tightening budget (Which I've already gone over), but sensible offers can't be ignored of course.



22nd November 2011, 12:30
Maybe (!) i will order some new PCBs of this expansion: http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=13132

I have to look whether the Atmel CPLDs are working in this expansion, if not i donīt order new PCBs (the Altera CPLDs are very expensive at the moment..). I could tell you at the end of this week if i order new PCBs.

22nd November 2011, 16:48
I've gone for a cheap, 1Mb upgrade, pending some more fastRAM down the line.

Please mark this thread as closed, Mr Administrator Sir.

22nd November 2011, 16:50
i don't think 2mb will be enough memory for WHDload chap :(

i think you'll be needing closer to 4mb

22nd November 2011, 16:56
i don't think 2mb will be enough memory for WHDload chap :(

i think you'll be needing closer to 4mb


I tried a 2mb A600... virtually nowt worked under whdload.
Getting a PCMCIA SRam card helped quite a lot.

Plus, the inability to reset the game and get back to the workbench on a 68000 was annoying too!

22nd November 2011, 17:00
Especially if you disable PRELOAD, you can do a lot of the smaller games with 2M and WHDLOAD. I did that for a bit when I got my bare A1200...
(I don't think you even need PRELOAD in v17?????)

But 4 is where it starts to get comfortable.
When I got to 6 (4M in the belly and 2M chip in the A1200), then I think WHDLOAD was super happy.... There might have been some games that wouldn't run with that, but I didn't find them...

I've got a 2M PCMCIA SRAM card, but as I'm in the US, it'd probably be more to ship it than you might be able to get one for... ;-)
(They are much less common on this side of the pond..)