View Full Version : Closed Amiga 1200 motherboard

24th November 2011, 16:40
A1200 motherboard , 3.1 roms better but not a deal breaker.

must be working but no other parts needed.


24th November 2011, 19:10
I have some boards left here! Shall I check for a special revision?

But...I can say for sure that I've only 3.0 ROMs left!

24th November 2011, 19:39
Yes please , 3.0 roms is fine. How much are you looking for?

24th November 2011, 20:41
Hi Mike

If alex cant help drop us a pm, I have a 1d4 with KS3.1 here.

TC ;)

24th November 2011, 21:37
Hi that's great , a uk one would be cheaper to post I guess too :-)

27th November 2011, 01:35
Hey mjnurney,

did you receive the PM with my offer?
Please let me know what you think. But as I mentioned too, it would probably make more sense to buy a board within your country.

I'll hold the board for you until you come to a decision. ;)

27th November 2011, 22:39
Hi guys , sorry for not updating the thread .. Been busy today. I've managed to get one elsewhere but thanks for the offers :-)