View Full Version : Closed A3000 power supply

27th November 2011, 21:22
Okay, something's gone wrong in my A3000's power supply, or something. Looking at the state of the external wires, I'd guess that something's simply snapped inside, but I have no desire to go digging around in a box of live capacitors to find out. I'd like to get a replacement, whether original or a drop-in third-party replacement. (I've heard of ATX mods, I'm open to that too, as long as it's not too much trouble to install.) I'd like not to pay more than $50 + S/H. Any offers?

6th December 2011, 02:22
PM sent!


6th December 2011, 03:27
Heh, actually, we can close this thread, as I just sold the 3000 in question...should've done that when I started the sale thread.