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30th November 2011, 14:16
Selling my daughters old machine as we have upgraded it. Machine is a P4 running at 2.66ghz. The mobo is MS-6575 VER 3.1, the mobo has 1gb ram attached to it via 2x 512mb sticks. The onboard sound does not work so it has a sound blaster live 5.1 card supplied for sound, it was what she was using as well. The GPU is GeForce FX5200 256mb, board also comes with the backplate thingy :)

13 posted in the UK

I would also think about a PC games bundle swap for this setup as well old or new.


6th December 2011, 14:23
Price drop

6th December 2011, 14:23
you know you could have a top line AROS machine with this lot?:nod:

6th December 2011, 14:37
I actually did have aros on this at one stage in its life. But ethernet did not work on aros, driver issue I think, I did use a 3com card to get around that but not sure if I still have one.

6th December 2011, 14:55
maybe the ethernet works now? there has been a lot of work on AROS:D

6th December 2011, 17:46
Final price drop before evil bay tomorrow.

6th December 2011, 17:51
i will take it mate,pm sent

6th December 2011, 17:54
Thanks :) Saved from the clutches of evil bay :)


6th December 2011, 18:04
payment sent thanks

6th December 2011, 18:18
payment sent thanks

Thanks m8, will get this out tomorrow/next day.

Thanks again

7th December 2011, 09:29
Courier booked for tomorrow m8. Will PM tracking deets once picked up.


9th December 2011, 09:37
Parcel was picked up yesterday. Will PM tracking deets now

Cheers m8

9th December 2011, 09:42
thanks mate

19th December 2011, 17:08
Just wanted to update thread, we are having slight courier issues.

Here is where we both stand so far, johnim is updated with all info as well:

Please wait for an operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'George'
Joe: Hi
George: Welcome to Parcel2go.com online. How may I help you today?
Joe: Thursday I was told I would find out where my parcel is, Friday I was also told I would find out where my parcel is. I was also told today I would find out where my parcel is. But still I have have no idea where the delivery is
Joe: P2G-7SNIP
Joe: I spoke to someone earlier whoi promised me I would know today
George: Can you give me a minute or two to look into this for you?
Joe: sure
George: Thanks
Joe: Hello
George: Sorry for the delay Joe,
Joe: No problem
George: This is the latest reply from courier
George: Good afternoon, courier has tried for a 3rd time to delivery parcel and he has sent the parcel back to depot, please advise what you would like us to do.
Joe: No the courier has not tried to deliver, the person it is going to is home all day every day
Joe: this is the problem, they have not tried to deliver anything
Joe: He works from home you see, and he wants to know where his parcel is, and why the courier keeps saying that have tried
Joe: when they have not
Joe: Can the courier driver not phone him?
George: Can you confirm the full delivery address and a contact number please Joe?
Joe: phone number 1 second please
Joe: I have triple checked with him that is the correct address
Joe: Someone including himself is in all week long
George: Thanks, one moment.
Joe: thanks
George: Ok,
George: I've requested an update for you,
Joe: I have been waiting for an update since Thursday, I keep getting told once the courier has responded I will know
Joe: but nothing for 3 days
Joe: well 4, as Hermes work saturdays as well
George: I have asked Hermes to arrange a new delivery for you Joe,
Joe: fantastic. do you know when that will go out. Also do they have his number to ring him on now? His number was not on the original booking
George: As soon as we get a response from them we will update you Joe,
Joe: Thanks very much
Joe: have a good christmas

20th December 2011, 11:42
This is driving me nuts, sorry about this m8.

Please wait for an operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Emma'
Emma: Welcome to Parcel2go.com online. How may I help you today?
Joe: Hi, I need to start a claim on a parcel please. Courier just won't deliver it, even though they have phone numbers and all sorts
Joe: P2G-7SNIP
Emma: I'm extremely sorry about this situation. In order to resolve this, I need to contact the courier for you. I will do this now and as soon as they get back to us I'll be in touch via the e-mail provided on the order to keep you up to date.
Joe: no
Joe: I have been told this since Thursday
Joe: guess what
Joe: no one gets back to me
Emma: Good morning Depot have advised parcel will be readiest for delivery tomorrow , please advise customer to be there as this will be a fourth attempt thanks
Emma: The above is what the courier has advised.
Joe: this is all not true, the guy works from home and was home all last week
Joe: we then gave the courier phone numebrs to ring
Joe: but still they did not ring
Joe: they have not tried to deliver once
Joe: so tomorrow will be exactly the same, they will say they have carded when in fact they have not even tried
Emma: Sorry about this Joe, I would advise you to wait until tomorrow. If it is not delivered tomorrow they are going to return it to yourself.
Joe: thats great, will I then get a refund?
Joe: as i have paid for a service that has not been supplied
Emma: We would have to look into this once you have the parcel back.
Joe: well the courier does have the guys phone number right? can you explain why they have not tried to phone over these so called 3 attempts?
Emma: Yes we have passed it across, I will email it over again. I can only apologise for that, not all drivers are provided with company phones.
Joe: no but the company itself could make a quick phone call after they keep getting the same parcel back over and over as the driver either A) cant find the house or B) it is out of his way compared to other deliveries
Joe: seeing as I have been on everyday since Thursday asking about this, do you not think it is strange they keep saying they have carded?
Joe: everyday after I talk to you guys
Joe: Because I love spending everyday on here
Emma: I can understand this Joe, I have passed over the telephone number and advised them to call if there are any problems as the recipient is stating no attempts have been made. If not delivered tomorrow, it would be returned to you.
Joe: thats great, thanks for your time
Joe: have a good christmas

20th December 2011, 11:52
God I hate that "live chat" bollocks on P2G :censored::censored::censored::censored::censored: Why not give you a number to ring (that isnt in India)?

I dont envy you Jimbo, Id have gone postal by now :wooha:

21st December 2011, 18:13
It is like banging your head against a wall, new update.

Please wait for an operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Ash'
Ash: Welcome to Parcel2go.com online. How may I help you today?
Joe: Hi, I have been trying to get a parcel delivered. Every day since thursday I am told someone will email me
Joe: yesterday I was told it would go out today
Joe: tracking not updated and no delivery again
Joe: cheers
Ash: Can you give me a minute or two to look into this for you?
Joe: yes please, but please do not say you will email them, have been told that since thursday
Joe: they had the guys number and they were meant to phone him
Joe: again they never phoned
Ash: I can see that the courier has replied saying that they require further delivery information? Is there any added info that would help them deliver the parcel?
Joe: it is just a normal street, you can find it on google maps lol
Joe: So they lied about 3 carded deliveries then
Joe: they can't actually find it
Joe: google maps with postcode shows it exactly
Joe: so I dunno what to say
Ash: I believe it is to do with the access for delivery rather than locating the address. I am very sorry for the delay, I can rebook the delivery for tomorrow for you. What is the full address again please so I can confirm this with the courier?
Joe: what? it is just a normal road like all the rest
Joe: are they saying they can't drive down a road?
Joe: if you type the address into google you can walk down the street
Joe: also it was rebooked yesterday for today
Joe: so we are getting nowhere fast
Ash: Again I am very sorry, if I can just have the full address again I can send it to them to ensure they do not have an incorrect address.
Joe: as I say I have given this address everyday to you since thursday
Joe: So I am getting a little cross about it now
Joe: The thing that got me is the lies saying they have carded 3 times when in fact they have not
Joe: SNIP road is a huge road in fact
Ash: I do understand your frustration, the courier has confirmed that they have left cards but I have again informed then of the address and urged that they deliver this parcel tomorrow.
Joe: how can they have left cards when you told me they can't get to the house?
Ash: As the cards had been left it can only be presumed that they believe thay had the wrong address and requested further information due to problems with accessing the property, as the deliveries were unsuccessful.
Joe: well I have no idea why, it is a big huge road and houses are number very clear
Joe: why was it not rebooked today like I was told?
Joe: I have to say I am very sorry for being rude to you, I am just at boiling point with it now, been going on for ages.
Joe: I know it is not your fault, but you are the only person I can vent at :)
Ash: It was booked for today but we only had a response from the courier this evening so they should have no problem attempting the delivery for tomorrow. Thankyou very much Joe, I know how frustrated you must be with the situation, I hope we can get it solved asap for you!
Joe: Thanks very much, I will cross my fingers for tomorrow.
Joe: Have a good Xmas
Joe: cheers
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23rd December 2011, 22:47
recived today after being left on doorstep in the rain

but with Jimbo1979 packing in multiple bags it all kept dry

all tested working fine thanks mate for your trouble

and after 2 weeks feedback being left now


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recived today after being left on doorstep in the rain by hermes

but with Jimbo1979 packing in multiple bags it all kept dry

all tested working fine thanks mate for your trouble

and after 2 weeks feedback being left now