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12th May 2009, 22:45
Amos The Creator software. Comes with hefty user guide Amos newsletter Issue 0, Handy Index booklet, Extra's manual. Contains 3 original disc's. Program disc, data disc & extra's disc. All in very good condition but comes untested. Mandarin software label.

12 + p&p.



28th May 2009, 01:41
Hmmm sounds interesting, do you have any photos of the item? Also how much would shipping be to the UK?

1st June 2009, 20:53
Apologies fer not getting back to you sooner.

Few pictures for you. Postage 2.00.




19th June 2009, 18:07
Hi, I would be very interested in buying this if you drop the price a little.

19th June 2009, 19:56
Hi, I would be very interested in buying this if you drop the price a little.

10 posted. That's about the best I can do.


19th June 2009, 22:34
Pm sent.

19th June 2009, 23:29
Hi, I would be very interested in buying this if you drop the price a little.
@skateblind Could you please refraine from making offers for goods when the seller has not stated that they would accept offers, Amibay is not an auction site.

If the seller had stated that they would accept offers then the proper way to proceed would be to state an interest in the thread then pm the seller with your offer.

As tennents36 seems happy to proceed I will take this no further but please remember this in the future.


20th June 2009, 00:31
I am sorry about that. I did think it could be against the rules, but I did read them before hand and it only mentioned bidding and since I was not bidding,but only asking if they would consider lowering the price to actually achieve a sale, then I thought that would be cool, although that might be considered bidding by this site. :oops:
Would it be allowed to PM asking them such questions? It's just that some people do not bother updating their posts even if the item goes unsold for a long time.

Once again, I am sorry, I miss-understood the rules and unless you say otherwise, I won't do it again. :stick:

20th June 2009, 10:20
@skateblind The rules are in the middle of a re-write at the moment so hopefully when finished they will be much clearer :wink:

It is really up to the seller to state if they would accept offers or to drop a price if the item has not sold.

Thank you for taking the time to reply back and no harm done my friend :)


24th June 2009, 14:26
Item received and excellent condition. Thank you!