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1st December 2011, 13:01
Hi all, i'm just starting out my collection and have a few consoles bought but few or no games for most of them as yet. Hopefully someone here can help me out.

I am mostly looking for bundles/job lots to get my collection off to a running start and would prefer games to be boxed and Pal format, but will consider anything offered, i'm not too picky right now. Below is a list of consoles i'm looking for games for including the ones i have the facility to play non-Pal formats on...

NES (will consider NTSC games)

SNES (will consider all formats)


Master System

Mega Drive (recently picked up a Pal-I MD1 so any games that will work in that considered too)

Saturn (am planning on getting japanese Saturn soon so would be interested in japanese games too)

Thanks in advance for all offers! :thumbsup:

Edit: doubles and triples may be welcome, depending on the game as i have a couple of friends starting out too. Quadruples are pushing it, though ;)

9th February 2012, 18:02

I have a fully-working N64 console in fabulous condition. It comes with a power cable & aerial lead. These are the games that come with it:

Mario Kart 64
Mickeys Speedway USA
Lylat Wars
Doom 64
Bomberman 64
Earthworm Jim 3D
Worms Armageddon
Diddy Kong Racing 3

If I find the joypads I'll throw them in, but no luck yet! I'm looking for 25 + postage.



9th February 2012, 20:36
ive got these megadrive games for sale:

Streets of rage - boxed 5
Revenge of shinobi - boxed 5
Worms - boxed 5
Taz escape from mars - boxed 3
Pga golf II - tatty box 2
Premier manager cart only 2
Tazmania - boxed 5
Super-hang on -boxed 3
Fatal fury cart only - 2
Virtua racing cart only - 3
Prices are negotiable, doesnt include postage and payment can only be via bank transfer. Thanks