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3rd December 2011, 17:35
Lotus Turbo Challenge II

3rd December 2011, 17:38
total guess

Manic Miner

3rd December 2011, 17:40
The rules can be found in the this first post (http://%22http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=22848)

Which game is this?
http://youtu.be/QSb7RG8Jh1YScoring of this question:

5 points to first correct poster
4 points to second correct poster
3 points to third correct poster
2 points to fourth correct poster
1 point to fifth correct poster.

(new this time around: If we're lucky it's working so that your answers goes to the moderation queue, so they will be approved when the December 4th question is posted.)

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Hmm, seems that mod queue on this subforum isn't yet up. I've manually unapproved the two first entries here.

3rd December 2011, 17:49
Moderation queue has now been activated for this forum.

3rd December 2011, 17:57

3rd December 2011, 19:09
manic miner walking

not much to on the mate

3rd December 2011, 19:46
My guess is Hybris due to the brutal loading sound at the end of the YouTube video. Hope I'm correct. :)

3rd December 2011, 22:24
Users of strictly UAE, shouldn't even bother!:lol:
Anyway, not feeling like trying every floppy to find out..good luck to the players out there :thumbsup:

3rd December 2011, 22:25
Throwing wild guesses here:
Its either Shadow Warriors or Seek & Destroy (probably the former, as its an older title).

Both are drive grinders...

4th December 2011, 10:16
Take ya pick http://hol.abime.net/

4th December 2011, 13:58
The next question is here (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?p=242507#post242507).

We accepted "Hybris" this time around. And it seems that this question was too hard for people. :)

The December 2nd leader board was:
7p: chinners
6p: justin
5p: easypreacher
5p: blankstare
4p: z3spacial
3p: johnim
2p: jvdbossc
2p: amigaman2000
1p: fatbob_gb

Scoring December 3rd is:
puni/void, 5 points, total 5

Which gives this new December 3rd leader board:
7p: chinners
6p: justin
5p: puni/void
5p: easypreacher
5p: blankstare
4p: z3spacial
3p: johnim
2p: jvdbossc
2p: amigaman2000
1p: fatbob_gb