View Full Version : Closed Parts to complete my Acorn A3000

4th December 2011, 13:03
Just dug out an old Acorn Archimedes A3000 it's in great condition but I have absolutely nothing with it :(

Looking for the following:

RGB Scart Cable
Memory upgrade
Hard Drive Podule
Manuals and original software

Just want to get it up and running :thumbsup:

Thanks :)

4th December 2011, 14:30
I have a mouse that may or may not work with your A3000.
It as the correct mini din plug but I donít have an Archimedes any more so I'm unable to test it.
You can have it for free, just PM me your address.


4th December 2011, 18:08
Thanks John that's very decent of you :)

Sending PM now mate..

4th December 2011, 18:49
Does the A3000 take the same podules as the Risc PC? If so I have a spare SCSI podule.

4th December 2011, 20:21
Does the A3000 take the same podules as the Risc PC? If so I have a spare SCSI podule.

Thanks for the offer mate, I really don't know if it would work with the A3000 but I'm kind of looking for something with an IDE drive or SD/CF as a hard drive :)

4th December 2011, 20:35
You'll probably want one of these for the hard drive.


The original IDE interfaces tend to be hard to find, and not all work with CF cards either.

6th December 2011, 21:45
Received mouse today from John and it's working great :thumbsup:

Thanks Mate :)

10th December 2011, 22:10
I'm not going to uprade the A3000 any further as I've just bought a A3010 :thumbsup:

Thanks again to Jomor58 for the mouse which is actually better than the one I got with the A3010!