View Full Version : Found Cassette door spring for CPC464 (other springs might work!).

5th December 2011, 17:49
Well i'm after one of them springs for the cassette door to keep the thing open once ejected. It's not a coil type, it's one of them that wraps around one of the screw pillars and has 2 prongs sticking out of it. One is against the case and the other is against the door flap, thus causing tention to keep it open.

Several things use this sort of spring (floppys particularly though they are too small) so anything would be of interest!

Thanks in advance.

7th February 2012, 15:44
Hi Tokyo,

Did you ever get sorted out with one of these springs? I've just found one in a small box of bits which I am certain will be from an Amstrad 464.



7th February 2012, 16:11
Hi Jason, That looks spot on! Exactly the same sort of thing from a CPC. PM sending!

7th February 2012, 18:15
PM received etc.
Will send ASAP. Just need to go shopping for cheapo jiffy bags!

And it looks like I need to repaint my windowsills :)

11th February 2012, 13:08
'Tis now on it's way!

18th February 2012, 16:36
Bits arrived a few days back, FB left thanks very much!