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9th December 2011, 08:43
The rules can be found in the first post of the first thread (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=22848)

What is 'ROM-WACK', and how can you easily enable it?

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1 point to fifth correct poster.

9th December 2011, 08:59
It is the machine level debugger easter egg.

Boot up with no startup sequence

Yype loadwb -debug

A "DEBUG" menu is displayed next to "TOOLS"

deguggingcan be done using a serial prot connection

9th December 2011, 09:18
a debugger, you get it by pressing the right mouse button at any Guru Meditation error.

it is accessable through the serial port at 9600

9th December 2011, 09:25
Is an Amiga debugger, you can access it pressing right mouse on a Guru message

9th December 2011, 09:26
It's the machine level debugger, you can enable it with:
LoadWB -debug

My first answer having only just found this quiz, shows how much attention I pay these days! :lol:

9th December 2011, 09:36
the Amiga machine level debugger

LoadWB -debug

9th December 2011, 10:07
It is the Amiga machine level debugger. :) The ROM-Wack interface can be accessed by pressing the right mouse button in Guru Meditation.

9th December 2011, 10:19
Loadwb - debug

Boot with no startup-sequence to enter AmigaDOS and type the above command in. An extra pull-down menu will appear next to TOOLS called DEBUG. I f you have a 9600 baud (8N1) terminal hooked up to the serial port, you will be in ROM-WACK (the Amiga machine level debugger).

Others say if you are on 1.3 ROM's you can enter ROM-WACK at any guru by pressing the right mouse button, again having a serial terminal hooked into the machine as described above

9th December 2011, 10:42
Rom-wack is an Amiga Debug Interface which can be enabled by pressing the right mouse button at any guru error

9th December 2011, 11:11
Its the debugger

LoadWB -debug

then DEBUG memu

9th December 2011, 12:19
Rom-Wack is a Debugger Interface enabled by pressing the right mouse button on a GURU Meditation Screen

Apparently, you can also start it using loadWB -debug - but haven't tried that

9th December 2011, 12:29
RMB on a guru message.
Sends debug info via serial port

9th December 2011, 14:13
ROM Wack is the Amiga machine level debugger.

You can enable it by pressing the right mouse button in each Guru Medidation error you encounter, but it's strickly available only on the serial port of the Amiga at 9600 (8-N-1).

10th December 2011, 15:27
The next question is here (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=23231).

We had decided to accept:

Amiga machinelevel debugger(serial debuging 9600baud), 'LoadWB -debug' can be used.

Making the amiga crash, and then use right mousebutton is not an easy way to enable it :)