View Full Version : Closed Dead PSU (Or rather just the cable)

9th December 2011, 10:32
I am planning to convert a mATX Power supply to be Amiga Friendly. The main goal is to fit it inside an A1200 PSU case to look as original as possible. I have the case and the mains side of the wiring, I just need the Amiga side cable - with the square cable restraint still in-tact

Anybody got one spare?

I'll consider a whole PSU if postage isn't too much and you're scared of opening the case up :)


9th December 2011, 12:34
hi mate i have one will post today as got the day off pm me your address

http://s5.postimage.org/5cap6ywar/DSCF0119.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/5cap6ywar/)

its more grey than pic

red 5v
black gnd
brown 12+
white 12-
yellow sheild

same as on here

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9th December 2011, 12:53
Cheers John,
payment sent.
hacky hack time ahead :):thumbsup:

16th December 2011, 00:05
Item finally collected from the post office.
Cheers bud.
+1 on its way!

16th December 2011, 07:17
great mate forgot about this, feedback coming too