View Full Version : Closed 1084 monitor RGB cable

26th March 2008, 07:51
The one that goes from the amiga to the monitor.

This is for a buddy, plesae help him.

Must be shipped to Mexico.


26th March 2008, 10:59
There are at least two varieties of 1084 cable - early ones with a round 6-pin DIN plug, and later ones with a "rectangular" 9-pin D connector. Which one are you after?

I don't have one myself. Sorry. :(

26th March 2008, 15:47
Oh you' re right. It's the 9 pin one.

The round DIN one couldn't be... that's for C64! :wink:

26th March 2008, 16:57
I think I have a spare 1084 monitor lead, of the 9 pin D-Sub<->23pin D-Sub type, but let me check.

What did your friend have in mind as a price ? :?:

Price would be PLUS shipping to Mexico, is that right?


27th March 2008, 11:10
The round DIN one couldn't be... that's for C64! :wink:
Tell that to my (once upon a time) original genuine Commodore 1084S with red LED in the front-panel power switch. The LED was so bright (and a little distracting) that I put a small yellow sticker over it to tone it down, and make it a more subtle orange glow. :wink: