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17th May 2009, 14:58
In any version (usa, jap etc), but must be in good working condition, with pad and video cable.
Plus at least one (any) game for testing, as i dont have any now.
Memory card is also welcome, but not needed.

I didnt want to buy it from those eGay resellers, where price will be around L 100 mark shipped.

Maybe someone have spare machine and can part with it :bowdown:

2nd June 2009, 16:36
:boxer: bump

(i know, i know, its a 14 days) :bowdown:

2nd June 2009, 16:45

It's cool my friend, It shows real enthusiasm :lol:

I hope one turns up soon for you :nod:

Best Regards

TC 8)

13th July 2009, 17:09
ANYONE? :bowdown:

13th July 2009, 17:53
I can sell you a UK PAL Saturn bundle but i am not 100% sure of the price.... I was looking for £70 + p&p

Here are the details:

Sega Saturn MK1 - boxed and complete with 2 controllers, scart lead and power cable all in excellent condition and comes with an Action Replay 4 in 1 cartridge (Import player, 1mb + 4mb RAM expansion, memory card and cheat functions). It also comes with 14 games:

Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands - complete
Street Racer - complete
Sonic Jam - complete
International Victory Goal - complete
Virtua Fighter - complete
Clockwork Knight - complete
Athlete Kings - complete
Theme Park - complete
Saturn Bomberman (Jap) - complete and uses action replay to run.
Dead or Alive (Jap) - complete and uses action replay to run.
D-Xhird (Jap) - complete and uses action replay to run.
King of Fighters 97 (Jap) - complete and uses action replay to run.
Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory (Jap) - complete and uses action replay to run.
Vampire Hunter (Jap) - complete and uses action replay to run.

Let me know if you are interested :thumbsup: I have also posted other things for a price check before i put it all on amibay or evilbay: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=46084

EDIT: Just checked postage on parcel2go.com and it will cost £32 tracked 5 day delivery from the UK to Czech Republic using DHL.

14th July 2009, 06:43
Nice collection, but thats just too pricey for me, sorry.
I can buy only something like machine with cables for 20-30 quids (depends on condition).

14th July 2009, 15:20
Ok, no worries 8) I prefer to sell this lot as a bundle and it is all in great condition with original boxes/cases and manuals etc...

I'm sure you will be able to find a used Saturn on it's own for **** (maybe on ebay??), good luck with your search!

14th August 2009, 14:45
BUMP :thanks:

28th November 2009, 20:13

7th December 2009, 11:52

21st December 2009, 13:36
I bought my last Saturn for **** from eBay. They are very cheap in the UK. Just search ebay uk for saturn on completed listings and you'll find loads and loads below ****.

Just make sure you buy a ROUND button MK2 version if you intend to fit a modchip as you will never find modchips for the OVAL button MK1's.

*EDIT* Please don't post prices as this can be seen as price driving.

22nd December 2009, 14:38
i know they are cheap in uk, but those who can ship it to abroad wants around 20-30 quids just for that shipping.

and now if you excuse me i will use a language of my native tribe for describing those sellers...
CENSORED sou to nenažranư! :censored: :censored: :censored:

26th January 2010, 09:33

26th January 2010, 10:34
Go down the ebay route but ask if you can arrange collection. Parcel2go is £13.99 + VAT EU up to 5kg

Good luck.


27th January 2010, 17:39
thats really hard to do, as every of those "resellers" has fixed shipping with his own profit included, and if you will bid on it you also need to pay it

25th March 2010, 17:12
Ive finally won bare machine with pad and some football game for L16 +L11 shipping (!), but...
still no luck, now theyre trying polish trick called "it broke inbetween" on me.
(no offence, but ive already encountered this phenomenon before, not only once, and it was always from polish ´reseller´)

"hi the sega saturn you purchased when packing the console the item was dropped and now the console will not power so is damaged i can not say sorry enough and i will refund all your money within 3 days sorry for the trouble and sorry for not telling u sooner thanks"

so after 9 days of packaging he finds it broken??? what a island jerk

25th March 2010, 17:22
Dash bad luck. I have one of these machines and they are pretty strong items aswell as the PS1 so I can't see how one could be that damaged (let alone not power up) unless it was from some serious height.
I hope you find one soon, Il hunt around at my local carboot sale and see if I can find one there for you. :)

25th March 2010, 18:07
jerks. they are everywhere.

26th March 2010, 06:13
Dash bad luck. I have one of these machines and they are pretty strong items aswell as the PS1 so I can't see how one could be that damaged (let alone not power up) unless it was from some serious height.

it was a lie, thats teh point :)

7th May 2010, 15:50
I unfortunately just sold out my stock of saturns, i usually have about 5-10 in stock, sell them for silly prices sometimes but could easily sell you one for XXX to cut you a nice deal.

I only have rares left atm for personal use, Derby Stallion edition and some other japanese versions, but no loose console anymore unfortunately.

If you really want one i'll keep you in mind when i have new stock. Do note that shipping to your country simply is expensive, i don't think most ebayers try to screw you when saying it costs them xx euro's or more, thats simply the prices we pay at the post office ^^

Mostly cheaper shipping are mistakes from buyers stating a fixed international fee and then finding out it is more expensive (with the result you had a while ago, saying they dropped the console and will refund you your money).

Honesly for a cheap console your best bet is to find one locally, or just lay down the cash on ebay and get it over with ^^

9th May 2010, 15:57
Please discuss prices in private :)

Hope you strike a deal, chain is a nice guy who deserves his console fun! :)

11th May 2010, 09:35

I have a UK machine for sale. Have a look at:



25th August 2010, 21:35
Ive finally managed to buy anice saturn machine which was easily modchipable, so we can close this thread now :D

25th August 2010, 22:06
I have followed this thread for a while, but I dont think I can part with any of my Sega Sats... and I have every model released, the JVC model, the Hi Sat, the white Japanese model, the grey/blue US, the black pal...

Honestly, I would try eBay, the standard black PAL models without games usually only fetch about XXX AUD over here. Shipping to you would be about XXX AUD (at a guess) - total of about XXX AUD, which is about XXX EUR... I really dont think you will find anything cheaper than this unless you purchase locally and thus do not need to pay for postage.

Hope this helps.