View Full Version : Closed SOLD: Blizzard 1220 28Mhz for sale

26th March 2008, 12:11
Hi i have decided to sell this little buty it saved me a few times in the past ..
Its very compatible with every aga floppy game i have ever tried .It Has 4mb of memory and a 28mhz 68020 (optional FPU).
I used this on a amiga mostly used for whdload and games and 90% of the games had enugh memory with this card.
The speed is fairly good in workbench "very noticeable compared to stock".
I decided to sell it as i dont like to collect alot off acc boards i dont use when someone else could find better use for it .
I hope the price is fair at 35 including free shipping in europe. This card is sent from norway.
You get what you see a fully tested and working card :D



27th March 2008, 15:11

I want to buy it.

Do you accept Paypal?

27th March 2008, 19:43
Reply sent

Sold to frikiloko

7th April 2008, 19:47
I have received the card today.It works wonder,faster than my RAM expansion.Thank you very much,I'm very satisfied! :D

7th April 2008, 20:10
Excellent. Thread lock applied.

By all means also add a comment to the User feedback thread (http://www.guildserver.co.uk/forums/amibay1/viewtopic.php?t=222) :)