View Full Version : Closed Cable to connect A2000 to TV

14th December 2011, 20:18
As title, i am looking for a cable to connect Amiga 2000 to a standard TV.


14th December 2011, 20:23
is just the rf cable you need. not the 520 module

14th December 2011, 20:28
You could either get an RGB to Scart cable, or use something like the A520. Unfortunately, A2000 has a monochrome video out (RCA) since the A2000 does not have an onboard modulator..

14th December 2011, 20:37
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14th December 2011, 20:59
For the A2000, you will need the A520 to get either RF out or Composite Video in colour.

That having been said,. Zetr0 and I have just started discussing the possibilities of fitting colour composite video into an A500, via either the Sony CXA1145 or the Motorola MC1377 chips.

>>link<< (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=21230)

14th December 2011, 21:10
i said to him if he needs the RF cable and has the A520 or 520 module he can have this one for 0 nothing.

14th December 2011, 22:31
Thanks for the info and offers, I already have an Amiga 500 so I guess I could use the 520 and the cables off this? Sorry for been so daft:(