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19th December 2011, 17:30
The rules can be found in the first post of the first thread (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=22848)

Who is "Mr Edmond Sneer"?

For a +1 point bonus, what does a grey object mean?
For a +2 point bonus, what does it mean when it says "Mostly Harmless"?
For a +3 point bonus, what is 25.951909 -80.153632?
For a +4 point bonus, list all "feelies" that were included with this game

To secure bonus points, you must manage to get all you bonus attempts right. Which means that if you attept at all four levels of bonus points, but fail at the third level, it will invalidate all your bonus level answers, even if they are right. So if in doubt, just do what you're sure of.

Max collectable is 15 points for first poster.

5 points to first correct poster
4 points to second correct poster
3 points to third correct poster
2 points to fourth correct poster
1 point to fifth correct poster.

Bonus points awared as indicated in the question text.

19th December 2011, 17:35
Mr edmond sneer was the name of the lawyer in the Frontier Elite 2 manual

19th December 2011, 17:37
Frontier 2, Solicitor who informs of Cmd Jameson's Death

Bonus 1 - Asteroid
Bonus 2 - 4-8 kills

19th December 2011, 17:41

Frontier elite 2

19th December 2011, 17:48
Complete guesses but here goes

Mr Edmond Sneer is a solictor from Frontier: Elite 2


Grey Object - too far to see
Mostly Harmless - Competent

19th December 2011, 17:58
Mr Edmond Sneer is the informer in Frontier Elite II game, which informs you about your grandfather's death.

1. Some items of your ships equipment do not have icons because they work automatically. Those that do have an icon which needs to be activated in order for them to function are illustrated in the grey boxes.
2. Mostly Harmless = Competent (Elite Ranking).
3. Frontier Elite II logo on the Star Map.
4. Manual, Gazetteer, Stories of Life on the Frontier, Star Map, Registration Card, some UK versions had also a Limited Edition Quality T-Shirt coupon.

19th December 2011, 18:02
From Sue Cripple & Sneer solicitors from Frontier: Elite 2 manual. :D

2+ bonus: One step up from the rank Harmless at the Classicamiga.com forum (this is also true for Frontier ;))

19th December 2011, 18:36
Edmond Sneer is a solicitor in Frontier: Elite 2

Mass of an object in the range of 208-299t

Mostly Harmless is an Elite rating meaning you are competent

Starting coordinates?

Frontier- Elite 2 Came with a manual that was written in the style of an instruction manual for your spacecraft, a travel guide to many of the star systems featured (With a short explanation of the in game history), a book of short stories set in the game universe, and a wallchart of most inhabited star systems within the game.

19th December 2011, 19:06
A solicitor in Frontier Elite II

1st January 2012, 17:56
We were looking for

Solicitor who inform you of your grandfathers passing and last will in "Frontier: Elite II".

Bonus points:
+1 bonus: It's a ship or object with 208-299t mass.
+2 bonus: It means that you've made 4 kills
+3 bonus: It's listed copyright holder for all things Elite Frontier II (will also accept Gametek address)
+4 bonus: Manual (O), Stories of Life on the Frontier(M), Gazetteer(M), Quick start Card(O), Program Diskette(O), Star Map(M).
O = Optional, not needed to list but will count positive in cases of doubt
M = Mandatory