View Full Version : User Snowfreak

20th December 2011, 19:13
Dear Amibayers,

We have received complaints from members who have paid user Snowfreak for goods which have not arrived. We opened a case in the Staff area and started to see if we could resolve the issues with the missing goods.

The staff have been working for some time on tracking this guy down and have contacted other retro forums for information about the user known as Snowfreak / Schneelanze.

I'll be honest with you all, it's not looking good...the information we had regarding the user's name was also confusing, as one member named him as Jens Brenner, another as Jens Börner.

On a personal level, I have telephoned several Jens Brenners in Germany and Switzerland and have drawn a blank. Similarly, I haven't managed to track down a Jens Börner in Bern, Switzerland either.

All the data we have about this member points to Dresden, Germany, which conflicts with Snowfreak's stated location in his profile of Bern, Switzerland.

I would recommend that anyone that has paid money to Snowfreak raise a dispute with Paypal immediately.

If any German or Swiss AmiBayers have any information that may help us locate this person, please PM a member of staff.