View Full Version : Christmas Calendar Quiz! December 24 - FINAL QUESTION

24th December 2011, 23:20
You know the drill ;)

Beat this game in 60 beats or less

Bonus 1 point.
What gives 200 bonus points?

Bonus 2 point.
This other game by Capcom was relesed in 1985, name the game and the nick name of the game designer.

Bonus 4 point.
Capcom again, this game had a toe trick?

Bonus 8 point.
Name all arcade versions of the initial version of OutRun

Qualifying question:
Another visitor. Stay a while. Stay forever!
Who spoke these words?

All questions must be answered. For bonus points to count, they must all be right. Fail the qualifying question, and all is invalid.

Normal scoring rules apply.

1st January 2012, 18:51
Nobody? Really? Well.

Frogger, cross the road in 60 seconds ("beats of the clock") or less.

Bonus 1: Give miss frogger a lift.
Bonus 2: Ghosts'n Goblins, Fujiwara aka Professor F.
Bonus 4: Commando (toe on button on controller 1 c64)
Bonus 8: Deluxe cabinet, Standard cabinet, upright cabinet
Qulifier: Mission Impossible, Elvin Atmobender

This is what we were after. And first poster could collect 20 points max.