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27th March 2008, 16:46

Im looking to buy a working Blizzard PPC card for my A1200, preferably one I can install in the trapdoor without having to resort to gutting the A1200 and fitting it in a tower.

PM me if you have a spare that you want to send to a good home, along with how much you want for it; I can pay by PayPal ASAP! Or respond to this thread, whatever works best.



27th March 2008, 23:20
Hi Mark,

I thought I would mention, before THE ADMIN do, that you might do well to amend your profile so we all know where on the planet you are.

I can only say that as I own a PPC board that you show remarkable optimism about not having to tower your A1200 with a PPC board in it, as mine is OK in a tower, but I would not be happy with it in a standard A1200 case.

1. I would be worried it would be getting too hot.

2. It would be impossible to fit in there if it was an 040 in any case, as they need direct cooling, and just leaving the trapdoor off is not really a realistsic option, as a heatsink, at the very least, and preferably a fan needs to be fitted to the top of the chip.

3. There is so little space to actually get the card in the standard A1200 case it really is a "shoehorn" process, and I would be worried about knocking off or damaging some of the smaller parts of the board with taking it out, and replacing it, however seldom that might be. :roll:

OK, that's out of the way.

I was checking through my PPC boards the other day, and decided I might part with one of my 040/PPC175Mhz boards, if you can think of a reasonable amount I should be prepared to accept for it.

If you would prefer to PM me about it, then that would be OK 8)


28th March 2008, 00:04
before THE ADMIN do
It's probably best to leave Administration and Moderation to the site staff... People can always PM us if there is anything that they want to discuss or if they have any concerns. You will receive prompt attention (as soon as that Staff member sees your message). :)

Having said that, if you are going to be "active" then it is definitely best to give some indication of your location in your Profile (it's easier that way), and if you are only "occasional" (or paranoid) then it is enough to do the same in the first post. Don't forget that the "edit" button is there for a reason. :wink: