View Full Version : Sold REALMagic Hollywood Plus MPEG2 decoder card

28th December 2011, 17:39
I have a Sigma Designs REALMagic Hollywood Plus card, unused except for testing a few years ago, with manual, driver CD and VGA passthrough dongle.

This is a PCI card which provides hardware decoding of MPEG2 / DVD video streams, and can thus be used to enable DVD playback on older PCs without the horsepower required. It can also be used to take the load off the processor on machines which can cope with DVDs but can do little else at the same time.

Looking for 30 including UK postage, but open to offers.

18th March 2014, 01:00
Is this a bump, or is it necromancy? ;)

18th March 2014, 01:08

Will send PM with questions ;-)


3rd April 2014, 18:37
Payment sent. Thanks.