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29th December 2011, 11:48
Love this game, but never completed it. I think there was a boxed version, which I'd love to have :roll:


28th February 2012, 08:26
Still would love to have this :)

28th February 2012, 09:47
I know your looking for the boxed version, but if you really need the game, GOG have a digital download of it here.


This includes the manuals and map and has no DRM.

And to get you started, here is a useful place to go for mods to improve the game further.


28th February 2012, 13:51
Yeah I know, thanks, but as you say; I'm after the boxed version :p

28th February 2012, 15:29
I have a boxed version of this. Iīll take a picture of it for you.

28th February 2012, 15:33
I got my boxed version form Amazon :) in case you get stuck. One of the best RPG's ever this game.

28th February 2012, 15:44
Some wear and tear on the edges of the box. Iīve tried to preserve it as best as I could though itīs moved between 5 different apartments with me during the years :) CDs seemed to be scratchless and game should absolutely work barring changes in operating system compatibility during the years. Havent tested this recently.

Itīs a nice thick manual too... :)

(Please ignore other game boxes, mysterious green spot on the table(trying to not disturb it too much or it may attack!), and cola cans and what not, too lazy to photoshop them out. Letīs just say my games are in better condition than the general tidyness in my home :) )

So if you want it in absolutely perfect condition, keep looking. But if you want to make a deal with me, Iīd first think about making some sort of a swap if you have anything to offer. Maybe you have boxed amiga aga or cd32 originals?

28th February 2012, 20:02
PM sent to Mendel :)

Will also check Amazon, thanks Witcher!

29th February 2012, 06:52
If those 10 dollar amazon deals really are new copies with big box, then I canīt compete with that.

I was thinking 30ish euros

29th February 2012, 07:07
Ok, will go amazon, then :)

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