View Full Version : Compo winner 2011

30th December 2011, 01:22
Confirmed, blankstare with 87 points.

We will have another moderator to look over my scoring, you are free to do so yourself too. Contact me through PM. All decitions are final.

KUDOS to jman who climed a lot the last few days of the compo!

87p: blankstare
81p: fatbob_gb
36p: scrappyshinx
36p: Phantom
33p: Justin
30p: fitzsteve
19p: puni/void
18p: chinners
10p: jman
10p: amigaman2000
8p: johnim
7p: cosmicfrog
5p: drbrain
5p: easypreacher
4p: mfilos
4p: z3spacial
2p: tokyoracer
2p: jvdbossc
1p: thanius
PS: We have a cupon code to be used at AmigaKit ready.... :)