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13th January 2012, 19:03
Well it has been a busy few weeks in the Amibay back offices but I am both pleased and excited to bring you this news today.

We are re-structuring Amibays funding to allow the good ship to suppport herself and also secure her continued growth long into the future.
We will be making some great and exciting announcements over the next few months.

As always we value you, our members and friends who support and spread the word of the site... She really belongs to ALL of us.

But......... in the meantime to add strength to the team and help manage this exciting period of growth please welcome the following to the Admin team.

R0jaws -- Mega AmiMod & Administrator.
Zetr0 -- Mega AmiMod & Administrator.

It is my personal pleasure as well as the whole admin teams to welcome these two great staff members to the admin team, they already contribute so much and manage the site through thick & thin, always finding the time to help out both the site & it's great membership base...

Watch out for more new exciting Developments............coming soon ;)

A Great Welcome to you two :thumbsup:

TC and the Admin team :cool: