View Full Version : Speedlink Amiga Classix Diamon Ed + Comp Pro USB Joystic

31st May 2009, 21:45
Well, I fell for the temptation and bought myself one of these...

It contains 185 adf files. Most PD, things that have been freely available on the web earlier. Like cinnemaware games.

It also comes with various versions of WinUAE (up to version and two amiga ROMS. Version 1.3 and version 3.0.

The main attraction of the package is the joystick. I've read many places that it's sluggish and unresponsive, it's not terrible. But it's not great either, sometimes disasterous.

I've tried XenonII, Magic Pockets, Kick off2 (none of these games are included!) with it. And in responsiveness to both fireing and navigation it can sometimes fall behind.

Biking in Magic Pockets and turning with the ball in kickoff2 gives it away.

For most games and retro feeling it's okay. But for the real thing... I guess we need a competition pro whith an atari connector...