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1st June 2009, 21:41
Hi everyone.

Just thought I'd put up a few pictures of something a bit different I picked up on friday.


Kin Hell
1st June 2009, 22:32
Back home??


1st June 2009, 22:40
What!! You didn't know.

All Amigas are away from home unless they're in my house :jester:


Kin Hell
1st June 2009, 22:42


2nd June 2009, 14:21

more pics please!!!!

2nd June 2009, 18:14

This is all I have until friday.
It's part of a larger package including another A2000, 2 A500s and a lot of other amigastuff.
specs for this machine. (according to current owner)
Picasso IV
GVP G-Force 030 40Mhz
MultiFAceCard 3
Aries 2000 8Mb
SCSI HD + CD burner
Kickstart and WB 3.1 from what I could see on the amazingly blurry screenshot he sent me.

I can't wait.


3rd June 2009, 04:36
... Plus a Bomac tower! Believe me, this thing is huge! And heavy!

If you try to pass over it with a tank you will damage the tank.

3rd June 2009, 19:23
@ rkauer

Thx for the info on the tower. I suspected it was specifically made for the A2000, but didn't know the name.

From BBoAH
The Bomac Tower is a quite unique item. It houses the entire lower chassis of an A2000 inside a larger (very very large and heavy) steel tower case. :mrgreen:

Did you have one of these by any chance?


8th June 2009, 19:06
Major update.

Ok, so after a 7 hour car trip I finally came home with the following.

Apart from the already pictured A2000 in a tower (which is awesome btw) I got.... (these are just the big pieces because the list would be a mile long if it was all of it)

1 A2000 with ram card and 2 scsi cards (1 for hdd and 1 for cdrom) (bad cosmetic condition but works just fine)
1 A500 (works but not much extra. It has never been opened which is kinda special I guess)
1 1084S
3 external discdrives and like 10 internal ones (don't know if they work but 2 are brand new)
2 Action Replay III (1 for external and 1 for internal use)
Original set of SASC 6.5 and 6.0
Various books and manuals (too many) even some manuals for hardware that wasn't included :?:
7 full 80 disc discboxes. (cover discs and games mostly)
4 scsi drives and an external scsi cabinet for 2 drives.
Hundreds of bits and pieces (like keys for atleast 3 complete keyboards, mixed chipset chips and 68ks, parts for mice etc,etc,etc)

It'll take me months to sort through all this, but I'm not complaining. :mrgreen:

/masheen (one step closer to the dream)

8th June 2009, 19:59
fantastic haul dude!!! :thumbsup: