View Full Version : Closed Command&Conquer BOX

17th January 2012, 23:15
i'm selling the best RTS ever, Command & Conquer for 68k Mac by Westwood Studios! BOX with foil, 2 CDs, manual and unused registration card included. Who know's, maybe new free computer will go to You! ;-)

System requirements: PowerMac, System 7.5, 8MB free RAM (16MB for Internet play), CD-ROM x2 speed, 640x480/256 col. display, optional modem.

CDs in excellent condition, like new. Box little squashed by time.

Price - $40.00 (or 30.00 Euro).
Shipping to Europe - max. 12.00 Euro,
Worldwide - max. $30.00.

Just ask for a country and i'll check exact shipping cost.