View Full Version : Found FOUND: Wanted A2091 or GVP HD8 SCSI for A2000

29th March 2008, 16:28
Does anyone want to get rid of a GVP HD8 or A2091 SCSI adapter for the A1500 / A2000

I would be interested with any ver ROM, and with or without HD..

An A530 or Commodore variant would be wonderfull but I know these are very rare these days

Thanking you all

19th April 2008, 12:59
Hi mate,

Not sure if your still after one but theres one here:

Ed meega: link removed... ebay item: 310041820747

Kin Hell
19th April 2008, 21:42
I have one If you still are looking for one?
Its the GVP2000 HC+8.
It has 8Mb ram fitted & a Quantum Pro drive attatched.


It could be expensive to ship with the Hard drive though!?

100% fully functional & in very good condition. No Original disk, but you can download it no probs.

20th April 2008, 20:59
Thanks for the offer guys, Kin, your card looks in great nick.

I have purchased one though, just waiting for it to be delivered, If for some reason it doesn't work out I will let you know.


Kin Hell
20th April 2008, 22:13
@ TheCorfiot

No probs m8y. Hope eveything is cool for you.

Best Wishes,


24th April 2008, 18:34
It appears the purchase of the HC+8 maybe falling through

PM Sent

25th April 2008, 22:17
Made Payment

Kin Hell
26th April 2008, 13:59
Bit of a rush around today, but I managed to get it to the post office @ 11.50am this morning.

It`s a big white USA Postal Services card box with Brown tape around it.
Royal Mail First Class signed for. You should have it Monday. :)

Have Emailed you the Tracking number.

Let me know when you have it m8y.

Best Wishes,


26th April 2008, 14:37

Thank you ever so much
It really is appreciated.

Amibay sets an example above other boards.

Have sent you email
Have a great Weekend

29th April 2008, 14:20
Card received yesterday in GWO like new.

Works brill.

Thanks Kin

Thread can now be closed

Kin Hell
29th April 2008, 17:39
A Pleasure Bas. Glad it all Landed safely & it sorted you out.


Kin :)