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18th January 2012, 07:42
Hello there,

I would like to put an apollo 4060 in my A3000D which has the INT2 mod.

I have red here and there that the apollo 4060 need this adapter to work on A3k series :


Do you think it is neceassry as I have the INT2 mod ??


18th January 2012, 07:52
it probably dont need this mod to work its best to try and see if it works or not.

does this phisicly fit in a 3000D? these have 4 simm sockets.

18th January 2012, 08:00
No it will not fit, but I need to test it in an A3000D (case open) before moving it into an A3000T in which I have never tested the CPU slot....

18th January 2012, 08:15
it should work in a 3000T,you just need the INT2 fix as far as i know.

23rd January 2012, 11:18
Just to update the thread...

With only INT 2 mod, the Apollo 4060 does not boot at all on A3000/A3000T. So I did the KS/SCSI chip hack and now it is working :thumbsup:

My A3000T is now 060 powered :)

23rd January 2012, 12:05
wooohoooo, well done:thumbsup: