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19th January 2012, 00:14
Hi guys,

I'm going to start installing my WHDLoad games onto my A4000 and plan to use Igame to launch them - I use this setup on my A1200 and it's a nice operation. My question is what to do with non-WHDLoad games? From reading the Igame docs it will also catalogue the likes og Genetic Species, Napalm etc so do most people just install them in with their WHDLoad titles or is there a benefit to using a separate drawer?



19th January 2012, 00:28
IGame works off what it calls Repositories which can be a HD or directories on a HD.

In my case Games: with a directory for each of the letters A-Z. Which is where all my WHD games are.

I've also got a seperate directory called Others where the rest are stuck.

Dave G :cool:

19th January 2012, 09:10
I do it exactly the same way.

19th January 2012, 10:21

19th January 2012, 23:05
Thanks guys. That is how it is setup on my A1200, just wasn't sure if sticking them all in together was a better option.

Time to start the installations!