View Full Version : Kickflash OS4: noob question!

2nd June 2009, 15:20
Hi all,

Is it possible to upload a Kickstart ROM into the flash area of the Kickflash OS4 and use it as a kickstart ROM replacement?
My intention is to put Kickstart 3.1 on it, but also want to update the scsi.device driver, so that it'll recognise bigger hard drives.
If this is possible, how do I got about doing it?

Thanks in advance

Kin Hell
2nd June 2009, 16:01
Use the copy Tool called CoyoteFlash (http://icomp.de/t/bin/CoyoteFlash.lha)

& Yes, you can kick a Rom from the Card! :thumbsup:


2nd June 2009, 16:26
Cool :thanks:

The card hasn't arrived yet .... I only ordered it on Friday.
I've had an email notification from AmigaKit saying my order is being 'picked'

Hopefully all my stuff (including the Kickflash) will arrive soon.