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20th January 2012, 17:12
Hi, I've seen that Doom 1.9 was the final version of the game. Mine is 1.7 or 1.8 if I remember correctly. Where I can download it and is it free or still under licence (I'm not speaking about a demo version of it)?


20th January 2012, 17:57
The version 1.9 only refers to the actual game exe. All you need to do is download the shareware version and replace the shareware wad file with your full version wad. I think it might be called doom.wad
Here is a link to the shareware version.


After you try that, why not give Doomsday Kickstart a go? This updates all the original graphics to make it more Quake like

20th January 2012, 18:03
Merci mademoiselle. :)

20th January 2012, 20:54
IIRC (and I usually do for my dos stuff LOL) the DOOM updates for dos was .rtp patches, meaning byte-patch/updates for any gamefile. I am pretty sure that doom.wad was also updated in 1.9, not just the .exe ....

edit: yes :lol: I knew I remembered correctly: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/DOOM.WAD